Hello World.

Hello, and welcome to our newly developed website!

Anteater Electric Racing has come a long way since our old layout over at http://sites.uci.edu/uciracing/. We want to thank everyone who has helped Anteater Racing from the beginning, We have our most recent sponsors mentioned on our website. Without you we will not be at work.

Who are we?

We are Anteater Electric Racing, an undergraduate design project competing in Formula SAE Electric representing University of California Irvine for an ongoing six years. We consist of Aero, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students all highly invested and extremely excited about developing an electric racecar!


What’s new?

Anteater Electric is going through serious restructuring for 2019, working in a new two year cycle. For 2018-19, we will focus its efforts in both modifying the 2018 Joule chassis for competition in FSAE Electric 2019 and creating a concept generation of a new 2020 chassis to be developed in the next year for competition in FSAE Electric 2020.

This new 2 year cycle allows us to work on a running car all year and - for the first time in Anteater history - enter Jouleto race at SCCA AutoX in the SoCal region. This year’s team will focus on both development of a new racecar chassis and data logging for improvement of previous designs.


Why the fancy new website?

Our old website served its purpose to lay the foundation of our program, however the stock web development kit was ultimately restricted. Therefore, we decided to develop a new website to perfectly reflect our team’s image and thousands of hours of hard work put into the racecar.

What will be posted here?

As we enter our two year cycle, we will publish content from both 2019 Joule development and from our 2020 Concept car. Content will include:

  1. Track day coverage at AutoX events, including pictures and videos

  2. Modifications made to Joule, including verification and validation

  3. Concept Generation insight for 2020

  4. Sponsor shoutouts

  5. Design Reports for insight into Joule

  6. Interviews, PR coverage, fundraising.

  7. And more!  


There is a lot to learn in developing a racecar and coordinating with a team. Our dedication and hard work will be reflected by the content published on this website, and we welcome you to UCI Anteater Electric Racing!