UCI FSAE Electric raceteam is made up of multiple teams working together to complete one car. Take a look at all the teams that make our project happen.


The Aero-Body team works on the design of the final body and aero package that will be implemented on the vehicle.


  • Design aerodynamic body and an aero package that will increase downforce

  • Assist Telemetry subteam with sensor placement


The batteries team designs the high voltage system of the vehicle. The high voltage system is composed of hundreds of small batteries and provide upwards of 400V to the motors. In addition, there are many failsafes and safety features included in the event of an emergency or damage.


  • Design battery box, safety features, and battery setup

  • Ensure safe operation of high voltage system at all times


The Chassis team works on the design, manufacturing, and testing of the chassis of the racecar.


  • Integrate all subsystems into one concentrated package

Embedded Systems

The Embedded Systems team works on the design of the computer system of the car and hardware implementation of sensory information.


  • Integrate and Program micro-controllers

  • Implement CANBus

  • Set up hardware

  • Assist Electrical and Telemetry subteam


The electrical subteam works on the electronic hardware components in the car that tie different systems together in order to run all operations


  • PCB design and assembly

  • Hardware logic implementation

Human Interface

The Human Interface subteam deals with any and all things that the human (driver) must interact with including the seat, steering system, brake system, firewall and TSAL switches.


  • Brake system design

  • Steering system design

  • Seat and firewall design

Marketing and Outreach

The marketing team handles all outreach materials in order to show industry what the UCI Electric Race team is accomplishing.


  • Develop promotional materials

  • Communicate with sponsors


The Powertrain subteam will be integrating the motor, motor controller, and differential onto the 2018-19 electric racecar.


  • Motor selection

  • Differential selection

  • Package and assembly


The Suspension subteam designs, manufactures, and tunes all suspension related components on the race car. 


  • Design optimal suspension geometry

  • Develop suspension system tuned to optimize cornering efficiency and handling


The telemetry team is responsible for receiving, processing and displaying important information as the car runs within an powerful and easy to use application.


  • Aid in the implementation of the embedded telemetry system, which records and sends telemetry data

  • Design and create software that displays telemetry data on a user-friendly display